This is the last of the seven steps for the design of a successful website

Maintenance / Ranking

Maintenance is perhaps the most neglected aspect of Website design.

The objective of the maintenance phase is to perform all of the activities needed to sustain a website.

Maintenance includes

  • assessing the website
  • collecting measurements on how customers use the website
  • analysing and summarizing the metrics you collect
  • making the metrics available to the rest of the team and the company
  • keeping the software versions up to date to minimise opening the door to hackers.

The most important decision in this phase is determining when a revision to the website is necessary. A revision can be anything from a minor change to a complete overhaul.

Small incremental redesigns or additions to the existing website can be carried out throughout its life.

A complete overhaul means going through the entire website design and development process again. Complete redesigns can take place when major changes are needed, such as

  • when customer expectations change
  • when customer behaviour changes
  • when there are new technology considerations
  • when fresh content and functionality are necessary
  • when the Website starts looking outdated.

This brings us to digital marketing.

How well or how poorly is the website ranked, according to which criteria, is it seen by the target market?

Hopefully these questions and more will have been addressed at the start of the design stage as the digital strategy will strongly influence look and feel, content and content architecture.

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