Another step in our series on website design process, the Implementation Phase of the website.


The Implementation phase involves the technical team who will take the documents delivered by the production team and write the HTML pages, the database tables, the dynamic coding, install and configure third party software, prepare the images for the Web and carry out any other work necessary to create the website.

It is also now that the content that has been developed is finalised with particular attention to optimisation for search engines. Web pages must be checked for presentation, content does not look the same on a sheet and on the screen.

At this time digital certificates are applied for SSL, if required.

Website testing

The checklist will include such items as

  • Check that all of the features stipulated in the specification are present, implemented and working correctly.
  • Check web browser compatibility, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome.
  • Test for the various screen sizes, paying particular attention to the ones used by the target audience.
  • Check downloads time of the pages, in particular with attention to the type of connection available to the target audience. Download time has an impact on web pages optimisation.
  • Stress test the website, if required.
  • Check grammar and spelling, again.

Both the developers and the customer should take the time to do thorough testing.

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