Several design prototypes have been created and explored, one prototype has been selected to be developed further.

In this Refinement phase, navigation, layout, and flow of the selected design are refined, providing a clearer understanding of how the website will look and feel.

During the Refinement phase, the site will be broken down into types of pages such as homepage, second-level pages, and pages for specific types of content; templates may be created to represent each type of page.

Furthermore, such aspects as the precise typeface of labels, titles and body text, the exact sizes and appearances of images, colour schemes and palettes will be iteratively refined and detailed.

The prototype can also be informally tested.

The main difference between the Refinement phase and the Exploration one is that the design created in the refinement phase is more exhaustive than the designs generated during the exploration phase.

By the end of the Refinement phase, the client will have a highly detailed prototype and if he has been involved in its creation as should have been, he will be satisfied with it.

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