If your website is not responsive, you probably should.

You have worked hard to achieve your Google rankings but on April 21, if your website is not mobile friendly, you should be concerned: Google will be rolling out their new mobile friendly compliance as a ranking factor in their search results. 

Google have over 60% of the search market and have been testing the new algorithm for some time now. We know that their favourite solution is to have responsive websites; their main arguments are:

  • the visitors’ experience is improved by having continuity in the look and feel, navigation and display independently of the support (monitor, tablet, phone),
  • optimisation is done in one place only, thus avoiding duplication of content between the normal website and the mobile app website, 
  • there is only one website to maintain.

This mobile compliance ranking factor is one of the most important updates Google is making and will gain in importance as the mobile market is here to stay and grow.

Lowering the stress, Google announced that on rollout, the new mobile compliance will apply on a page by page basis, not site wide, giving large websites some time to adjust. It means that those pages that are not yet mobile friendly when Google start using the mobile friendly factor, will receive a boost in the rankings if they have been made responsive by the time the Google robots revisit.

Looking ahead, Google are clearly signalling that the market is moving toward mobiles and that mobile search will soon overtake PC searches. This is another reason for adopting responsive websites sooner rather than later.

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