Having your email exchanges that you thought private laid bare for the public to read is at the best of times an embarrassment, at worse can destroy your relationships, your career, your brand. We have seen the tremors on Tinseltown a recent serious hack on a film studio computer has caused.

How do you prevent your emails from being hacked?

We cannot rule out having our mailbox hacked. Should this happen, you can wrestle back control following the steps below. You might want to go through them to make your account more secure.

Log in to your account

Log in to your account to asses any damage. If your password has been changed by the hacker you can use the lost password routine to login.
Whatever you do, first change your password. Use something long, at least 8 characters with a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters.

Your other accounts

If you use the same password for other accounts such as Facebook, twitter, Amazon or Internet Banking, do update them too by using different ones for each.
Check both inbox and trash for any emails with account password resets that have not been originated by you and update the password for those accounts.

Spam messages

Some hackers will target people on your address book. If you get strange replies in your inbox, you know they have. Let your contacts know you have been hacked and to disregard any strange message.

Update your email apps

You have secured your mailbox, dealt with any fallout; you must now make sure you can access your mailbox using your email apps by going into the settings and updating your compromised password for the new one.

Some advice on passwords

The longer, the better. We use strings 18 characters long, making it really difficult for hackers to unscramble.
Mix upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters.
Don’t use real words. Hackers go through dictionaries as one of the hacking tools.
Don’t use the same password twice.
Don’t store your passwords on an unprotected document, such as email or address book.
The best password is a random computer generated password, but difficult to remember.


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