In the last few years we have seen a trend towards minimalism in the world of design. It has reached the web; stripping back the webpage to essentials is the ‘in’ thing.

Simple Navigation

Ease of navigation has always been a must for a positive visitor experience. With the trend of more and more visitors accessing the web on their mobiles, the navigation design has had to adapt to swiping and scrolling and decent link sizes.

Scan the Page

Studies have demonstrated over and over that visitors do not read but scan the page to find relevant content. A wall of words is going to put them off.
Recently, infographics have been a way to accommodate small screens, inform the visitor and attract his/her attention.

Uncluttered Page

The clinical design of an uncluttered page will inspire confidence. All the more important then, to have a clear focalised message: this is what we do, how can we help you.

‘If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter’ Blaise Pascal. Take the time.

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