Website mobile visitors are on the increase and here to stay. Responsive Website Design is developers’ answer to the proper display of your website on hand held devices, mobile phones and tablets, as well as on laptop and PC screens.

Does Responsive Website Design benefit your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet marketing?


If a website does not display nicely on their mobile, 46% of visitors are unlikely to return to it and over 2/3 are returning to Google to find that does. A responsive website will engage the visitor.

A visitor that finds your website on a mobile will feel on familiar ground when viewing it later on a laptop or desktop and is more likely to spend time on it.


Search engines do not like duplicated content, some will indeed penalise it. Responsive website content is unique being delivered from the same URL for whatever screen size viewing.


Google algorithm will favour websites that are compatible on all viewing platforms.

Local searches

Local searches are done mainly on mobile devices, leading to consumers acting quickly after a local search. Google’s study shows local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores.

Marketing and Maintenance

On a responsive website, you only have to run one marketing campaign and maintenance and updates is done only once making it a time saver and eliminating synchronisation errors or publication time lapses.

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