Your domain name plays an important role in your company’s image and branding. Not only is it your personalised Web address, it is the rallying point to your website, reflecting your identity for your customers.

Your domain name as your brand is a powerful marketing tool. When customers search for your brand on the Web, it will appear at the top of the search engine results page. It will also be used not only in online marketing campaigns, emails, social media, but on the radio, print and TV.

The value of a domain name to your company can also include fields of activity such as insurance, hotels, business, casino, etc. or products such as diamonds, toys, whisky, gift cards, etc. or services such as medicare, loans, icloud, etc.

So should your domain name be included in your company assets? Maybe not in all cases, but what of such domain names as ‘’ that was sold in 2010 for a record £21.5m. Or the forthcoming sale of ‘’ coming under the hammer on 05/11/2014 during the World Travel Market muted to beat the record? It is one of top 5 keywords for the industry.

There are 28 domain names that sold for over $3m, excluding private deals with major corporations.

The sale on the open market can give an indication on how to treat the domain name as a company asset.

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