Caroline Senley of Caroline Senley Designs wanted to refresh the look of her professional website.

Caroline is known for meticulously detailed classic and contemporary design work in prime Central London, Europe, the USA and with global clientele.

The brief

Our brief was to deliver a website

  • reflecting Caroline’s high design standards and imagination
  • showing off some of her projects
  • engaging the visitor

The website should be responsive and interactive. It should also be simple to update and allow for adding further functionalities down the line.

The budget was restricted.

Caroline wanted the new website to be published within a few weeks.

Our solution

A custom website being out of the question, we proposed our Instant Website package.

Our Instant Website package is based on building a website using a bought-in template. The client choses the one they feel more comfortable with out of a selection on three possible ones shortlisted by us.

The templates we select come fully featured, with a design creating consistent look and feel from page to page, with interactions to engage the visitor and with the content management system Joomla!

The advantages of the Instant Website are a short time to publication, the architecture having been written and a reduced price freeing parts of the budget to developing areas that enhance the client’s objectives.

In the present case, we modified the colours of the selected template to reflect Caroline’s corporate colours to great effect, creating a very personal environment to display her work in interactive photo galleries.

For Caroline to maintain her search engine rankings, we wrote redirects from the old website pages to the new ones prior to publication.

We were commissioned to build the website end of November 2016 and, bearing in mind the Christmas holidays, it was published on 12 January 2017.

What the client says

Designing a website felt a most daunting challenge; however, the fantastic introduction to Guy meant that it was a complete joy and such a wonderful experience to work with such a creative, professional perfectionist. I thoroughly enjoyed our working together, with the technical design process and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

I cannot recommend Guy and WCT more highly.

Caroline Senley Designs

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