We were approached to redevelop the Royal Over-Seas League (ROSL) website.

ROSL is a non-profit private members' club dedicated to championing international friendship and understanding.

The brief

Members of a team, our brief was to develop the website based on the design work by Zen Publishing.

The website goals are to showcase their support to artists and musicians, the humanitarian work, the events, the London and the Edinburgh club houses (rooms, restaurants, conference and banqueting).

The website also features a shop.

Our solution

We believe in Open Source and the resources available, created by thousands of programmers. We customise them to satisfy specific client requirements.

Look and feel

The website look and feel was created by Zen Publishing. We wrote a custom template to best interpret their design. The template is an integral part of our own BulletProof framework delivering responsive websites.

Another template was written to accommodate ROSL Arts own branding, yet keeping the look and feel consistent with the rest of the website.

Web pages detailed design grew out of working together with ROSL on each iteration.

Content management system

ROSL requirement for full autonomy on the content management was met by installing the content management system, or CMS, Joomla! as the back end of the website. Together with Joomla! we install a number of components that will extend its functionalities and improve administrators’ experience.

ROSL have access to all areas of the website, among them content creation, editing, deleting, archiving, navigation menu control, module creation and publication.


Events are an important part of ROSL activities. We used RSEvents!Pro to display and manage the events. At ROSL’s request, we customised the events calendar display.

The shop

We installed and configured J2Store as the shopping cart software to replace the previously installed one. J2Store integrates the products as articles of content in Joomla!, making it easier for administrators to manage.

Partners' organisations

The listing of the Partners' organisations was best served with the Mosets Tree software, a directory software offering all the required functionalities.


The website is the result of a team effort and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know each member of the team and work with them.

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