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We are passionate about helping companies to avoid cultural misunderstandings


Cultural misunderstandings

Cultural misunderstanding or ignoring cultural differences can often hold back the success of a business relationship and create friction that lead to missing the targets.

Cultural differences awareness

Awareness of such cultural differences is the starting point to build bridges over these differences leading to successful relationships.

Executives frequently have to communicate on a global level and with alien cultures, but are not always armed with the necessary tools to do so effectively.

Our cross-cultural work

Our cross-cultural work focuses on bringing awareness of these cultural differences, creating understanding, and adding value by avoiding cultural misunderstandings in the business relationship.

Our cross-cultural services are designed for executives and employees, multicultural team managers, project managers working on a global scale, facing global communication or being posted by their company to the UK.

We offer individual consultancy or small groups workshops in the fields of cross-cultural communication, conflict and marketing.

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