The brief

The main points to consider for the re-design of the French Chamber’s website were given as:

  • To increase brand awareness
  • To help promote the Chamber’s services and activities
  • To offer a directory of members
  • To harvest data
  • Staff without technical knowledge must be able to update the website
  • The budget has to be strictly respected

Our solution

We worked closely with the Chamber using the iterative process to develop and build the various aspects of the website, the look and feel, content architecture, navigation, etc.

Our solution was to write an information website with an open architecture allowing for further development as the Chamber grows.

We selected the content management system or CMS Joomla to give the Chamber full control over the website once published, content, navigation, modules.

The member’s directory with its search tools reflects the three membership levels. It also offers two levels access to the members’ information, limited to the general public and full to logged in members. Additional registered users must be able to be added to a company besides the official representatives, but not be displayed in the front end directory.

The website was published end of 2010

Further developments

Online shop

To meet new needs of the Chamber two years into the life of the website, we added an online shop with online payment.

The purpose of the shop was to sell publications and events. The former are open to the public, whereas the latter are reserved to logged in members.

Recruitment department

In 2012, the Chamber created a recruitment department for its members. We were tasked with creating a separate website for this new activity.

The new website had to reflect the Chamber’s branding and offer a recruitment management system.

The recruitment software was deeply customised to meet the department specific requirements.

Although independent from each other, the log in systems have to synchronise to give the members an improved experience, a member logged-in on one website will be logged-in on the other.

The recruitment services website was published end of 2012.

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