Cross-cultural Localisation

Mind the trap. The recipient of your message may not ‘get’ your message

Lost in translation

The original message can be lost in translation. Thus, the relationship with the customer can be lost, and so would be the opportunity to get the customer to respond to the call to action.

Make yourself understood

Localisation and transcreation, going beyond translation, transform the message from the original language into the target market language to make it sound local.

Localisation and transcreation make the message immediately accessible to local customers and avoid possible misunderstandings that can have serious commercial consequences. For example, Mitsubishi could not sell their model called ‘Pajero’ in Spain, ‘Pajero’ meaning ne’er-do-well in Spanish. They changed it to ‘Montero’ and sales became successful.

We localise/transcreate websites/brochures/marketing material from French, Spanish, German or Italian into the British market place.

We believe in the power of the cultural understanding to help companies conquer new foreign markets.

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