Richard Adams is one of our most faithful clients.

We designed and published his first website in 2004.

The present one is Richard’s third iteration, published in 2013.

The brief

Richard’s design style evolution has to be reflected in his website.

The new one must maintain the image of luxury and his very own flamboyance with an airy feel and a light touch.

The website will display his work over time and designed in such a way that items can be added to it without disrupting the whole.

Our solution

We opted for a bought in template which look and feel came close to the desired one and customised to meet Richard’s exacting requirement.

The navigation was kept simple with an architecture that allowed adding new content and updating it without having to redesign the pages.

Images are of course important. We created pages with great interactivity for the visitor to explore the interiors created by Richard.

What the client says  

I asked Guy for the simplest and most effortless website. Keep it simple, quick and self explanatory. Show images that sample the work I do along with my contact details. This is really all that’s needed. I wanted a smart, simplistic, white airy background with  colour coming from the images of my work only.

Guy accomplished an elegant, timeless look for me that I think is as about as perfect as I could have imagined.

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