Verdier & Co. Corporate Advisory (Verdier & Co.) was established in early 2016 by Jean-Philippe Verdier. Jean-Philippe has over 20 years’ experience in the world of finance.

The brief

Verdier & Co. needed a web presence to showcase its services to the wider world.

The projected image had to be suitable for a financial institution.

Even staff at Verdier & Co. without much web or IT skills had to be able to update the website on their own.

Being a fledging business Verdier & Co. wanted to dedicate limited time and financial resources.

Our solution

Addressing the various points that informed the development of the Verdier & Co. website ( we opted for a bought in professionally designed website. We submitted three templates that would tick the boxes of the appropriate image for selection by Verdier & Co.

All three were based on Joomla!, the content management system. The one was selected offers ease of use and maximum flexibility for any future website development.

Content and images were supplied by Verdier & Co. We created the pages, inserted the images, and created the navigation menu. Some changes had to be made to the template code to accommodate specific requirements (e.g. LinkedIn).

Security was a strong consideration given that Verdier & Co. activities are regulated by the FCA.

In the course of the website development, we were asked to create a logo consisting of a graphic logo and the name. Several ideas, shapes, colours, and font styles were considered in an iterative process to achieve the published logo.

What the client says

“From the get go, Guy and his team at Web Consulting Team demonstrated a strong understanding of our requirements and objectives. The process of building the website proved efficient, which I really appreciated, and we were on budget. The end result has been well perceived by our clients and wider community, and we have been happy to continue to rely on Guy’s services for specific technical evolutions.”

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