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We are committed to helping companies grow by leveraging the Internet

Today’s management faces the challenge of relentless digital innovation. It is disrupting and transforming the way companies work, compete with each other and create value.

There is no silver bullet that fits all; each company is different, follows its own purpose and has individual goals.

Web Consulting Team works closely with its clients to consult on:

The Internet

Internet presence in business and daily life is growing with no sign of abating. WCT helps to leverage it to help companies to grow.


Websites are a statement about the company and its customers. WCT ensures that the design and functionalities of the responsive website meet the company present requirements with an eye to the future.


The brand represents the company and its values to the world. WCT creative team analyses and creates or adjusts the brand, ensuring it is aligned to the company purpose,


The target audience ‘gets’ the message if localised, that is communicated as a local, in the local culture, using local reference points and idioms. WCT localisation focuses on the Anglo-French market place.

Digital marketing

The message needs to be brought to the attention of the target audience. A digital marketing strategy starts with optimising the website for the search engine robots and develops into social media marketing or other tools such as pay-per-click. 


Discover hidden gems in your website or Internet operations that can be monetised and increase your revenues. We help you to discern such opportunities and put in place the necessary tools to drive success.

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