Crossing the Chanel - Traverser la Manche

Crossing the Chanel - Traverser la Manche

 Crossing the Chanel

We have by now all realised that doing business in France is quite different from doing business at home. But how do French differ in their approach to business?

Localise? What for?

Localise? What for? Everybody speaks English, I hear you say.

That might be, but does your target market in those foreign countries ‘get’ your message so carefully crafted?

Website not responsive?

Website not responsive
  • Did you notice a fall in your mobile rankings?
  • Are you getting a high bounce rate?
    (a bounce is a single page visit)
  • Must the visitor constantly zoom in and out?
  • Is the text too small?
  • Are the buttons too close together?

Stop! Thief!

The Festive Season is upon us. Smiles opening the presents. We have been busy choosing and shopping.

Very often online. Internet shopping is growing apace, over 16% last year, 2015, expected to be over 14% growth this year. About 77% of Internet users are shopping online.

Meetings… Réunions…

Les réunions se passent différemment en France et au Royaume-Uni. Pour les britanniques, la réunion est un processus, c’est-à-dire qu’elle se déroule selon un schéma ordonné pour aboutir à quelque chose.

Mind how you compliment French people

We all enjoy receiving a compliment. They make us feel good about ourselves and about the person making the compliment.

Internet of things - IoT

What is IoT?

A simple description of the Internet of Things or IoT would be as a world in which things are connected to each other or to a network for the purpose of creating and treating data.

Have you been hacked?

Experts agree that it is no longer a case of 'if' but a case of 'when' we will be hacked and whether our details have already been stolen and sold on to criminals without our knowledge. In 2015 over 500 million online identities have been leaked, with 2016 set to eclipse that figure.

Mind the trap

Don’t assume that the recipient of your message has the same level of context and/or understanding as you do.

I experienced two things today that illustrate the point.

Realstatistics, the new ransomware on the block

Realstatistics, the latest ransomware making the rounds on the Web, has been about for only a few weeks but has already infected thousands of machines.


Last week, I attended my first ever quiz at the cross-cultural quiz evening organised by the French Chamber of Great-Britain and written by Peter Alfandary. The previous two events having been seriously talked up as amazing fun evenings got my curiosity going. I must admit, that was absolutely right and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was privileged to be a member of what was to turn out to be the winning team; need I say any more.

Of the importance of version update

The unprecedented leak of millions of confidential documents from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca was most probably caused by a hacker. The origin of the leak has not yet been identified nor do we know exactly how they got in, but some real and possible causes have been clearly recognised as a consequence of a rather loose web security policy by the firm.

Two hours for lunch?

The French take two hours for lunch? Nobody nowadays takes two hours for lunch, I hear you say.

Two hours for lunch may seem strange and leisurely in the Anglo-Saxon world and in our fast paced business life.

Joomla, WordPress, Drupal

Would having direct control over your website content improve your communication?

I would say. a website with a content management system or CMS driven website would enhance your communication..

New year, new trends

New year, new trends

New year, new trends. What was happening in 2015 that will not happen in 2016?

Website design from mobile to desktop

Designing websites for desktop only is no longer a viable proposition. The Web is increasingly being consumed on mobile devices, phones, pads and notebooks. Over 52% of visitors are on a hand held device and growing.

Caroline Senley Designs case study

We are pleased to share with you the launch of the new website for Caroline Senley Designs


Caroline Senley of Caroline Senley Designs wanted to refresh the look of her professional website.

Safe Harbour no more

European Union (EU) privacy law forbids the transfer of personal data to countries outside of the EU unless it is transferred to a location which is deemed to have “adequate” privacy protections in line with those of the EU. In 2000 the ‘Safe Harbour Agreement’ was signed between the EU and the US.

Web design trends 2017

It is the time of the year when we like to take stock of past experiences and conversations, learn and look ahead to what the next twelve months will hold.

So, what about Web design trends in 2017?

Mobile friendly-What are your choices?

Mobile friendly-What are your choices?

Google have launched their new search engine algorithm on 21/04/2015. It gives an important place to the mobile-friendly factor in their search results. In other words, if your website is not mobile-friendly it will be penalised and lose rankings and therefore lose traffic.

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